Rechargeable Batteries

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Electric Fuel Battery Corporation is engaged in the development and production of high-end primary and rechargeable military batteries, associated chargers and battery electronics.

EFB provides a range of services including battery cell selection; battery pack design, assembly and electronics; battery charging systems and smart charging electronics. EFB has demonstrated expertise in developing novel portable power solutions for the military and OEM customers using the systems below:

  • Primary Zinc Air
  • Rechargeable Batteries
    • Lithium Ion
    • Nickel Cadmium
    • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Battery Pack Design
  • Battery Pack Assembly
  • Charging Systems
  • Battery Electronics

EFB is the world-recognized leader in “high power Zinc-Air”. Our unique expertise in zinc air technology is drawn from the R&D efforts for over a decade. EFB manufactures the electrochemical cells, the battery end product, and a line of battery adapters which provide compatibility between the zinc air batteries and the various items of military equipment they power.
EFB has demonstrated expertise in developing novel portable power solutions for the military and OEM customers.

EFB utilizes state of the art Samsung SMT and Solder Paste equipment to produce customer boards specifically designed to meet the customers’ specifications and requirements. EFB is a certified Panasonic Lithium Pack builder.

EFB rechargeable batteries are uniquely designed for each customer. EFB can build batterys to customer designs, customer specifications, or custom design a battery to match the customer’s application. Additionally EFB can provide custom designed battery management and safety circuits based on application data or can integrate customer designed management systems.

Contact EFB at or by phone 334-502-9001 ext 204

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